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Diveflag - Innovative Design in Diver Safety

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Diveflag - a universally understandable flag which warns of the presence of a diver down or snorkelers in the water.

Nearly every diver has either had personal experience or heard stories about a near miss with a boat who’s skipper did not understand the meaning of either the Alpha or the red/white dive flag which was being flown.  Major associations accept the dive flags in existence today are unlikely to be understood by anyone except divers.  There is no legal requirement to do so.

“Advising other water users about the meaning of the diving ‘A’ Flag has
always been a challenge for divers to communicate a consistent message”
Source - BSAC (Dive with friends)
“Don’t assume boaters will follow the Law, many boaters don’t recognise Dive Flags”
Source - PADI  (The Way the World learns to Dive)

Based on the ancient universal language of symbols

we have developed a flag that warns of danger.  

If it was known that Dive Flag symbolised a scuba diver or snorkeler in the vicinity, most water traffic would avoid them.

It is our belief that Diveflag will save both injuries and lives and we would like to see our flag flown alongside any others that are required by law.


This is the Alpha flag required by law to be flown by dive vessels. This means I have a diver down; keep well clear at low speed.

Alpha Flag

The red and white sports diver flag more commonly used across Europe and USA is also not formally recognised outside of the USA and is subject to local laws when flown in America.

Red and White Flag

Our flag is designed to be understood by everyone; adults, children, divers, casual boat and water-sports users.  It is also designed to be flown from boats and floats alike, and is produced in several different sizes to accommodate different needs.  More info

In the interest of diver safety we would like to see this flag adopted Worldwide as an industry standard and priced to be affordable by every diver.

So why do I need to fly your Diveflag as well?

The main safety issue about both of these flags above is that few people apart from divers actually understand what they mean, and certainly not the casual water user, especially when there is no legal requirement for them to do so.

Diveflag - Innovative Design in Diver Safety